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Lane Hayes’ “Better Than Good” Truly Is Better Than Good

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ― Allen Saunders

Matt Sullivan is man who knows exactly what he wants from life. He is going to finish law school, work at a law firm, marry a nice girl and have some kids. He has a girlfriend, Kristin, who is more of a convenience than someone he can see spending his life with. Matt is content in his life just the way it is. That is until he tags along with Curt, his gay roommate, to a gay club. While at this club he sees a gorgeous man dancing, and he is blown away.

Aaron Mendez is out and proud, and his light shines brightly. Aaron refuses to hide that light for anyone, no closets for this man. Aaron works in the fashion industry and wants to be a fashion photographer. He is not interested in dating someone in the closet, especially if that someone has a girlfriend. As much as he feels this way with all of his heart, there is just something about Matt that intrigues him.

This book was very refreshing for me. I don’t mind a good “gay-for-you” story. I don’t mind the whole “I am in the closet and NEVER coming out” story. I don’t even mind the jilted woman who makes Kathy Bates look sane, that makes way too many appearances in the genre. This book, however, doesn’t have any of those. There is also no insta-love in this book. Lane Hayes managed to write a character that was completely secure in his sexuality.

Matt has had sexual experiences with a man before, but he chooses to date women because he hasn’t met any man that turned his head enough to come out. These two men meet in October, there is a brief interaction a few weeks later and then no contact until Matt texts Aaron on Thanksgiving. The two don’t truly come together until after the new year. Matt wants to make sure he can be the man Aaron needs before he pursues a relationship.

Once Matt ends his relationship with Kristin he goes full court press on Aaron, but Aaron needs to proceed with caution. He doesn’t want to be hurt if Matt decides he isn’t bi-sexual after all. He has been burned before, and he can’t go through that pain again. I simply adored the slow progression to love in this book. There is a HEA, but it is hard fought. The sex in the book was wonderfully written and their feelings for each other were clear in every scene they shared. In the end Matt has a hard time expressing his emotions, but he gets a little help from Elton John and Aaron’s friends to get his feelings across. I highly recommend this book and I hope to see more from the author.

Reviewed by: Jackie

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