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UnknownI love New York!  It is absolutely my favorite city in the US.   I love San Francisco, DC, Boston and Chicago too, but NYC is still my number 1.  There is a sense of endless possibilities and inspiration no matter where in the city you find yourself…uptown, midtown, downtown.  It’s all there for the taking!   Art, shopping, food, Broadway shows,  music, people watching, more food…  In the words of George Gershwin, “who could ask for anything more?”?

As an art history buff, I adore the museums.  No trip is complete without at least one visit to MOMA.  I love walking… and walking some more.  (Once my husband and I walked from 122nd Street down to Canal.  Yes, the whole freaking island practically!)  I love the serenity of Central Park after a hustle bustle day of shopping.  I love Rockefeller Center and other terribly touristy places just like it (especially when the Xmas tree is on display).  I love Broadway (though I admit I don’t feel the same about Time Square).  My all time favorite section of town is Greenwich Village.  The food, the music and hell… the vibe is somehow better, more alive there. It still has a neighborhood feel to it that is unique and special.

I’ll have three full days in NYC.  Not enough, but I’ll take what I can get.  This trip is with my mom, my sister and my daughter.  We make an effort to do these “Girls’ Trips” once a year.  It’s usually a good time, though I have to admit my mom drives me a little crazy these days.  Oh well… someday my kids will say the same about me (what? you mean they do already?)…

So to the Big Apple I go… excited to take in the energy and hopeful that energy translates into grand inspiration.  I’m halfway through my third book and I admit I’m a little stuck.  I need to remove myself from my computer and let the city speak to me and inspire.

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