Reader Appreciation Day & My Dad

I’m excited to be participating in RAD tomorrow, Aug.17th!  As a first time published author it’s been amazing to get such fantastic feedback for “Better Than Good”.  (I’m attaching a review from Top 2Bottom, just to emphasize how freaking cool this all is!)  Tomorrow is also the three year anniversary of my dad’s passing.  I know… downer.  My dad was a professor at a couple of prestigious colleges.  He taught English and writing to law students and undergrads.  He was obviously a huge inspiration to me and it feels fitting and just plain right to have finally mustered the courage to start sharing some of the stories in my head.  I don’t know that he would have approved of my subject matter as he was a fine literature sort of snob, but I know he would have approved of the outcome.  Tomorrow…as with most everyday, he’ll be in my thoughts.  He was gone too young (64… lung cancer) and is sorely missed.  But on a day that usually just makes me sad, I’ll also have a reason to celebrate.  I’m thankful and honored to share webspace with some wonderful authors who’ve also had a hand in inspiring me.  “Better Than Good” was dedicated to my husband, the coolest greatest guy I know.   Tomorrow…just for the day, I’m re-dedicating it to my dad.  Here’s to you Dad.  Much love. 

Reader Appreciation Day… August 17th 8am-8pm EST

Top 2Bottom Review:

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