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ImageSomeone once said to me “you read so much, it must be like as escape for you”. I remember thinking I wasn’t sure if the comment meant I was lacking somehow in my ability to cope with real life or if it was a simple observation. Either way, I suppose both explanations are true. I read for pleasure. If the book also takes me to another world for a short time, I consider it a bonus (and the mark of a good story). Why apologize? I believe those small hours of “escape” can put my “real life” in perspective and I’m grateful to the authors who do it so well that I want to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon in a world of their creation rather than deal with people or situations I’d rather not…if only for a short time.

My love is romance and I’m done feeling as though it’s a guilty pleasure. It is simply my pleasure. So whatever yours may be….enjoy your Labor Day weekend. I’ll have my fingers on a keyboard or my nose in a book… bliss!


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