2013 Rainbow Awards!!

I placed!  Woohoo!!  I’m beyond thrilled!!  I know, I know… I should save the excitement for an actual win, but you know what?  I really was excited to make it as a Finalist back in October.  6th place as a debut author and 10th in the Gay Contemporary Romance category! Wow!  I’m a brand new author.  Better Than Good was my first foray into a genre I love and the response to my first effort in a public forum has been well… better than good (sorry, I couldn’t resist).  

Because this really is one of those “it’s my blog” moments, I’m going to take a second to thank the Academy and… oh wait.  Fine, but I do want to thank Elisa, the woman responsible for the award itself and I want to thank my publisher, Dreamspinner Press for taking a chance on a new artist… not once, but actually three times.  (Yes, there are two new novels in the Better Than series due out in 2014!  Better Than Chance (Peter and Jay’s story) will be released in January.)

But most of all, thank you to the readers who have given me an unbelievable welcome and a ton of support!  Nothing compares to knowing I have an appreciative audience.   So thank you for your ongoing encouragement in my new venture.  I’m so happy you loved Aaron and Matt as much as I do!

Dreamspinner Press is throwing a 2013 Rainbow Award Party at their website to celebrate the winners and placers.  30% off till Dec. 15th!  Check it out! http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/index.php?cPath=56_773_1008

Many many thanks,

Lane Hayes

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