Goodreads Nominee in 6 Categories for Better Than Good


I’m excited.  Who wouldn’t be?  For a first timer, it’s an honor.  And the funny thing is I’m so late to the party that I honestly didn’t know my book was in any category, let alone six, until I joined the MM Romance Group on Goodreads last week.  Yikes.  Well, I’d been meaning to do it and obviously I’m glad I did.

As a new author, I’m still at the point in my fledgling writing career where I’m thrilled to have an audience who enjoyed the characters and as one category suggests… would like a sequel to know more about them.  I’m honored to have been nominated.  Period.  I won’t say anything more.

But I will post these super cool badges… coz it’s my blog and I’m like that.

Best_Coming_Out.N Best_Debut_Book.N Best_Gay-Out_for_You.N Best_Story_Should_Have_Sequel.N Best_Virgin_Sex_Scene.N

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