Dinner At Home with Amazing Rick R. Reed… oh & Me Too!

ImageThere will also be a food scene in my books.  Guaranteed.  We eat. We’re human.  Of course, there’s more to than food for fuel.  That isn’t sexy in the slightest.  It’s more about the experience.  A couple can share a cup of coffee… conversation ensues.  Or stare at each other longingly over a table for two at an elegant restaurant… more conversation.  And maybe later?  In Better Than Chance, they do those things… coffee, restaurant dining but then they also make a meal together.  Peter tells Jay at one point that it’s his turn to make dinner and he’s going to make pasta from scratch using a recipe his mother taught him when he was growing up.  Jay is thrilled.

Excerpt from Better Than Chance:

The Farmer’s Market was an easy walk from my house in Dupont.  I grilled him all the way there about his culinary aptitude.  I was an unrepentant foodie.  My coffee making skills might be questionable but I enjoyed food.  Cooking was something I loved to do but it went beyond the time I spent in the kitchen.  I enjoyed the full experience.  I like to know where my ingredients are from, what regions offer better produce and meats, and how different people view food from a cultural standpoint.  Once I was able to set aside my excitement that Peter wanted to cook for me, I was curious about his interest. 


“When did you learn how to cook?  Did your mom teach you?  You said she’s a great cook.  Does she bake too?  Do you bake?  What’s your favorite dish?”

I love cooking for large groups of friends and family.  I’m a chef who needs praise, however… I know, probably not one of my better qualities, but the fact is I hate cooking for people on the go.  I want to sit down, talk about the day and hopefully get some positive feedback about the meal we’re sharing.  

Author Rick R. Reed shares an affinity for the culinary experience as well and when he offered the opportunity to be on his blog to talk about favorite recipes and chat about a new release, the timing was perfect for Better Than Chance…and me. 🙂  Check out the blog post on Dinner At Home with Rick R. Reed.  The boys make a simple but delicious Arrabbiata pasta!  Give it a try.


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