Instant Gratification & an Exclusive Excerpt from Better Than Chance at The Novel Approach Today!

ImageAnd… then there is the $25 gift card to an online book seller of choice plus an ebook copy of Better Than Chance.  What?  I know.  If you haven’t yet had the…”chance” (sorry, I can’t seem to help myself) to read Better Than Good.  Do not worry.  You won’t be lost.  Better Than Chance actually takes place before my first book, BTG.  I totally understand wanting to keep order when reading a series.  As a kid I used to read my Nancy Drew books numerically.  I could go a little sideways when I realized the library didn’t have the next copy.  There was no Amazon with Prime Membership back then.  You had to go from bookstore to bookstore to find the volume you were missing if the library was out.  Either that or wait for the idiot who was sitting on The Clue in the Diary accruing fines while you anxiously waited for word the missing link book had finally been returned.  It was agony!  Really.  

So feel confident I’m being honest when I say you won’t be frustrated that you didn’t know how xy and z happened in Better Than Chance because you didn’t read Better Than Good.  And be grateful for modern life and the luxury of instant downloads and instant gratification.  A book lovers paradise!

Check out my post at The Novel Approach today & by the way, they gave Better Than Chance 4 stars too!  Love those guys!




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