Aaron & Matt Valentine Idea…Thoughts?

ImageI wrote a short story (15K words) about Valentine’s Day featuring Aaron and Matt from Better Than Good.  It gives a glimpse into their first year as a couple and Matt’s coming out to his family.  Personally, I like detail and had I been writing a full length novel, the scenes would have been more fleshed out to capture the intensity and significance of Matt’s struggle.  However, I’m a reader first and when my readers tell me they want more…I feel the author in me should share what I’ve already written.  It hasn’t been properly edited, but hey…it’s free!  And as with most of my stories, it is NSFW.  Sorry, I like sex.  Especially in my books!

My thought is to post a portion of the story everyday leading up to Valentine’s Day beginning with a post this afternoon.  Thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Aaron & Matt Valentine Idea…Thoughts?

  1. I would love a full length novel about Matt and Aaron. But while you are hopefully writing it, I’ll be happy with whatever I can get. So, please publish their Valentine’s day story any way you like as long as you publish it. Thank you 😊

  2. That’s really great new!
    I really hope to see Matt comfortable enough to bottom for Aaron. 🙂
    Thank you Lane.

      1. I just finished reading Better Than Candy part 1.
        It’s really great… No not great.. It’s amazing!
        I didn’t expect that we’ll get their follow up stories.
        Kinda hope you’ll deciding to give theim one more book though. 🙂
        *it will be great if the series end with them.

        Oh and just a one more wish of me…
        If Matt and Aaron decide to have a baby that will be the best day ever.

        Can’t wait for part 2 and next Better Than book (Curt?).
        My credit card is ready!

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