Office Crush Turns into More Than Simple Sex

ImagePeople have so many crazy stories about where they met their significant other… the market, on a flight or (maybe not so crazy anymore) online. When you factor in how much time is spent on the job, it makes sense that quite a few people…you know… I’m not saying it’s the best idea by any stretch.  It’s fraught with danger on a few fronts.  We all know the saying “business and pleasure don’t mix”.  However, sometimes they do as in Jay and Peter’s case.  No matter how hard you resist, it isn’t easy to deny something special.  And let’s be honest, a little bit of danger makes things interesting.

I’m at Kim Fielding’s blog today chatting about Jay and Peter.  Please come by and say hello.  I’d also like to thank everyone for the fabulous comments for Better Than Candy.  I’m so happy you loved it!  Makes me want to keep writing free shorts about my boys!

Happy Monday!  And Happy Reading!


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