NYC, Better Than Chance & A Blog Visit Today

ImageI’m heading to NYC, my favorite city on the planet, next week and I cannot wait!  I was in San Francisco visiting my son and an old college friend last weekend.  This isn’t exactly normal for me but if I could travel every other week, popping in and out of my favorite places and visiting new ones, I would be a happy girl.  Alas, I’ve also been focussed on getting my fourth book to the publisher before I head off to the Big Apple.  I’d like to enjoy the city without thinking constantly about a story I want to play with.  I’ll probably do that anyway, but I have a goal dammit! I’m in an interesting place where I’d rather have clean clothes than food, so the cupboards are bare which is a bummer when I finally surface and realize I’m hungry.  But at least the laundry is done and there’s always take-out. Maybe it’s my nod toward being an eccentric writer.   Who knows?

Either way, I’m diving back into my next story with the hopes of completing it before NYC.  Wish me luck!  In the meantime, please check me out on Michael Rupured’s blog today.  I’m chatting about the mysteries of attraction with the boys from Better Than Chance.

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