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Does anyone know that Dave Matthew’s song?  

I say my hell is the closet I’m stuck inside, can’t see the light

and my heaven is a nice house in the sky, I got central heating and I’m alright

I’m a huge DMB fan.  I’ll leave it at that or I’ll be in danger of crazy digression.  I’m in a mode right now where I literally have so much to say and so many avenues in which to communicate that I worry I’m leaving something out.  Actually I know I am.  I just returned from an amazing weekend away in NYC, in which I walked… get ready for it… over thirty miles in two days.  What?  It’s true.  It made me think I could possibly do a marathon.  I’m looking into it.  I never in a million years considered it because I’m not a runner.  I can do short distances, but not happily.  Walking, on the other hand, I can do.  I’ll keep you posted.  

I’ve also begun edits for Better Than Friends, which is due out in late spring.  I’m really excited for this book.  It’s a little heavier than the other two and a lot more personal for me.  I’ve learned this type of writing is the most difficult, but certainly the most rewarding.  The bulk of my time is taken with trying to finish my fourth book and submit it to the publisher.  I thought I was done earlier this month, but upon rereading I realized there was a crucial element missing.  I don’t enjoy talking about difficult subjects, but it was time for me to suck it up and dive in if anyone was going to understand any depth to these MCs.  I think I’m a week or less away from submission now and the best part is I’m pretty sure I’m on the right track!

Last bit of excitement is I will be attending GRL 2014!  Woohoo!  But wait… it gets better.  I will co-hosting a special event with Shira Anthony, who as some readers know is not only a wonderful author but was a professional opera singer in the not so distant past.  Do not worry.  I will not attempt to sing opera without the aid of a cocktail or three.  Just kidding! 🙂  I promise not to sing opera at all, but I will think of something else.  Details to follow.  Be assured, it will be fun!  

Finally, I’m wrapping up my unofficial blog tour for Better Than Chance this week with two appearance.  The first is today at Lynley Wayne’s blog.  Please come by and say hello!

I owe a lot to Jay and Peter.  They are the touchpoint from which all of the Better Than stories evolved.  Aaron demanded his story be told first, and I think it was the right choice, but this is where the story began for me.  

As I sign off, I know I still have so much to say, however, I must get back to writing! 

Happy Wednesday!   xoLane

*If you’re wondering why the D&G photo ad is at the top of the page, I can only say this… so damn hot!  😉


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