Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Better Than Chance Guest Blog Today with Grace Duncan’s

ImageI love the color green.  It’s calming and soothing.  It’s the color of the great outdoors and my Starbuck’s lady.  Pure happiness.  However… it’s not a color to wear.  Not for me anyway.  I’ve already been pinched a couple times today and I suppose I’ll feel like a horrible Irish girl when I’m not representing at my pilates class later with emerald green leggings, but seriously… I think you’ll all thank me.  I don’t eat artificially green foods either.  So I’m not likely to be tempted by green beer or green eggs (sorry Dr. Seuss).  I will, however, happily drink a lovely Cab while dressed from head to toe in black with my Latino friends who’ll wear green for me and will just as happily consume the beer I turn my nose up at.  So it all works out somehow.

I’m wrapping up my Better Than Chance unofficial blog tour today with Grace Duncan.  Please come by for a quick visit.  My next book, Better Than Friends, will be released in less than 3 months.  I think it’s closer to 2 months, but I’m not sure of the exact date yet.  Either way, I’m very excited!  I can’t wait for everyone to meet these guys.  Did I mention there will be tattoos?  🙂


Have a fabulous Monday and a Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Lane xo 


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