Better Than Good is an Audiobook. Wow!

ImageBetter Than Good is my baby.  We all know babies are special so I’m sure you’ll understand my ridiculous sense of pride and joy that mine has grown up to be an audiobook!  I’m so proud!  It’s six hours and five minutes long.  And although I haven’t yet listened to it, I did listen to the audition file and I LOVE the actor’s voice.  Because this is a first person narrative it was particularly important that whoever read the story sounded like Matt.  And let’s face it, Matt is a dude.  He’s smart, he’s fun and charming, but ultimately he’s a regular guy who finds himself inexplicably drawn to a man.  Aaron.  Aaron is extraordinary.  He’s one of a kind, uncompromising, head strong and full of life.  The actor playing Matt had to sound special enough that a guy like Aaron would look twice at him, let alone fall in love with him.  Needless to say, I think Tyler Stevens may have hit it out of the park.  I’m going to listen to the whole file as soon as I finish my current WIP (big sigh).  I hope you all do the same!

Take a listen! It is currently available at Audible Amazon.


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