What is Your Favorite Madonna Incarnation? I’m at ZA Maxfield’s Sunday Brunch with My Answer!

ImagePractically everyone I know has at least one point in their lives where they liked, maybe loved Madonna.  I know I did.  It was a while ago, true, and I honestly haven’t identified with her or her music in years.  However, I respect her legacy and her numerous accomplishments.  She is a true icon.  When I found out about ZA Maxfield’s Sunday Brunch questions, I thought… How fun! I’m signing up right away! (I’m a bigger fan of ZAM’s than the queen of pop 🙂 these days).  Of course I couldn’t resist signing up for this particular question.

Which Madonna incarnation do you most identify with and why?  Here’s my answer!  I’d love to hear yours.  Happy Sunday!


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