Less than 3 Weeks Till Better Than Friends Release!! Woohoo

ImageDreamspinner Press is running a 20% off promotion to celebrate their 7 year anniversary.  For this week only, all books in the Better Than series (yes! including Better Than Friends!!) are available for a nice price!  Great time to pre-order!  

I’m so excited for Better Than Friends! I’m tempted to do a daily countdown, but I won’t (don’t want you to get sick of me 🙂 ).  However, I was thinking of releasing another short story like Better Than Candy  (Valentine short featuring Aaron and Matt).  I wrote something Pride oriented a while ago featuring the Aaron and Matt with appearances by Jay and Peter.  It’s more of a “slice of life” type piece of work rather than a full story, but if you’re interested, let me know.  It might be a fun way to get ready for Jack and Curt’s story, Better Than Friends.  Thoughts?

In the meantime, 20 days till the official release!!  Woohoo!!

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10 thoughts on “Less than 3 Weeks Till Better Than Friends Release!! Woohoo

  1. Wonderful news and I am doing my own countdown till the release. Please, please any time you want to share stories of the boys please do. I would love more Aaron, Matt, Jay and Peter. Thank you

    1. Hooray! My current WIP is the second book in a new series :-). I just received a contract for the first one (yeah!). It is due for release later this year! Looking forward to your thoughts on Better Than Friends!…(read fast!)

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