14 Day Countdown till Better Than Friends!

ImageIt’s not too early to start the countdown, is it?  2 weeks to go!! 14 short days.  Woohoo!  In preparation for the big release of Better Than Friends on June 16, there are a few exciting things going on this month.  First, a few things to get you in the mood… look for a Aaron & Matt short next week here on my blog.  Other than to say it is a Pride oriented piece I wrote after Better Than Good, I’ll leave you with the mystery.  Dani at Love Bytes (formerly SidLove Blog) is featuring an advert for Better Than Good on her blog.   Check out her fabulous site: http://lovebytesreviews.com.  Why?  That book is so last year, you say.  Well,  Better Than Good & Better Than Chance are both on sale now on Amazon.  Now’s a good time for a quick re-read to reacquaint yourselves with the characters in the upcoming book, Curt and Jack. Remember?  Curt is in the first and Jack is in the second.  Of course, the books can be read in any order, but I’m giving you the DL in case you like things in order (like me).

Also, I am participating in a Virtual Round Table discussion in honor of Gay Pride Month with some very exciting authors and bloggers.  Stop by and comment for an opportunity to win an Amazon gift card and maybe even a free copy of Better Than Friends!  Check out Andrew Q.Gordon’s & Debbie Mc Gowan’s blogs today for more info.

http://andrewqgordon.com/2014/06/02/gay-pride-month-virtual-roundtable/ & http://www.debbiemcgowan.co.uk

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