Better Than Good 1st Anniversary Party & a Blog Visit with JP Barnaby!

images-4Happy 4th of July eve! It feels like a holiday already here. I live near the beach and the crowds are coming in… It’s all good. Heck, it’s Better Than Good! Sorry. That was bad. But the perfect intro and reminder that I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my 1st published novel featuring Aaron and Matt. If you loved reading their story, you will probably really enjoy listening to it. Narrator, Tyler Stevens does a masterful job with voice and tone. I couldn’t be more pleased with his take on the Better Than Stories. Comment below or on my FB page for a chance to win an audio copy of either book. If you’re new to the series, you’re welcome to discuss what you love about the MM genre. I’ll choose a winner July 8 at 9pm EST so come play! 🙂

Here is a sample from Better Than Good:

And then there is Better Than Chance. He did a beautiful job with Jay’s soft Southern lilt. See what you think:

Did I mention I’m at JP Barnaby’s blog today? I am! Come say hi there as well:

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Better Than Good 1st Anniversary Party & a Blog Visit with JP Barnaby!

  1. I haven’t read this series, but just bopped over to Amazon and checked it out. It sounds like a really good one! I’ve just recently started to get into audiobooks so that’s been fun too. The right narrator makes all the difference in the world! I’m just a sucker for a good love story. Especially one with characters that are real, make mistakes, and overcome challenges to get where they are going. What I love best about the M/M genera is that the stories I read are a combination of the two things I love most in books; life and love. I like to be able to imagine that the people in the books I read could be my next door neighbors or friends. When a story is so character driven that it feels real to me…. that’s what I love the most!

  2. Wonderful comment, Carly! I completely agree with you. I love MM stories with characters who are identifiable. Real people make mistakes and have issues with communication. And yes, a great narrator is a make or break in an audiobook. Thankfully, Tyler Stevens is amazing!! Best wishes to you! xo Lane

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