Hawaii is Better Than…

photo-25Good… 🙂  Sorry, I couldn’t resist!  I’m in Hawaii for a week long family vacation and so far… it’s fabulous!  Hurricanes Iselle and Julio have both kindly detoured to the north or south of Maui and other than the occasional sprinkle, it’s been gorgeous weather.  So why the heck am I writing a blog post rather than soaking up the sun?  Hmm, good question.  I secretly miss writing and it’s impossible to concentrate with all 5 of us in a condo.  I need a bit more peace and quiet.  I’m writing notes like crazy though.  That should speed the process when I’m back at my home office finally getting what’s in my head on the computer.  My current WIP is the third book in my new series.  The characters are complex and I find myself vacillating between being overwhelmed by them to wanting to spend all my time getting to know them.  Interesting…

The other reason I’m popping by is to share this awesome 4.75 review for Better Than Chance audiobook!  I love how Brandilyn separates her review into sections. The book scored a 4.5 and Tyler Stevens’ narration scored a 5.  Kudos to Tyler!  Like Brandi mentions in her review, Tyler becomes Jay.  Not easy to do.  Jay has a soft Southern accent and is a strong but sensitive character.  Tyler nails it!  Again.  Check out the review here: http://www.prismbookalliance.com/2014/08/better-than-chance-by-lane-hayes-audiobook-review-by-brandilyn/

In other news, Better Than Friends audiobook should be in production very soon! Hopefully there will be an October release (fingers crossed) 🙂  And of course, the new series, Book 1 is coming in Nov/Dec.  Geesh… everything seems so far away suddenly.  I know better than to wish time away though.  I think I’ll put some sunscreen on and go enjoy some Maui sunshine!

Aloha and Happy Reading!

Lane xo

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