GRL 2014…I’ll Be There. Will You? Get Discounts & Win an Amazon GCert!

Unknown-1 I’m going to GRL 2014 in Chicago.  It’s my first time and I’m very excited.  But I’m also a little nervous.  I’ll be there as a general attendee and I’ve signed up to volunteer everyday to keep myself busy and mostly out of trouble.  I’m also participating in an entertainment gig with fellow author, Shira Anthony.  She sings.  I don’t.  (As in… run.  Really)  I decided my best bet was to organize everyone something where everyone else can sing.  Karaoke, you ask?  Yes!  Love it or hate it, you have to admit it’s pretty funny to watch people give their best at Dancing Queen.  If you’re going and you’d like to make a song request, let me know!

Dreamspinner Press is offering a fabulous deal for those who are attending GRL.  If you’d like to purchase a discounted book and would like the convenience of having it waiting for you so it’s ready for the authors to sign, this is the deal for you.  Free shipping, etc.  But make your purchases before Sept.21.  Check it out here.  I will be at GRL and would be more than happy to sign books, etc though I’m not a featured or supporting author this year. (Maybe next year!)

Also, it turns out people are a little shy.  I received quite a few likes on the How To Write Erotica giveaway, but not much by way of commentary.  So I’m going to offer a $10 Amazon gift certificate along with the book.  All you need to do is comment.  Tell me what your favorite genre is and why you love it.  Mine obviously is romance. I love the erotic elements of it, though the story is important to me as a reader.  I need characters I care about and can root for.  What’s yours?  I’ll keep the giveaway open until Friday, Sept 19th at 9pm PST.  Good luck!

Last but not least for my Better Than fans… I wrote a short story (yes, the one I’ve been promising).  It features Aaron and Matt and takes place around Aaron’s birthday in October.  Look for it next month!  Also, I believe Better Than Friends may also be released on audio sometime in October or early November. Woohoo!  And yes, my next book, The Right Words, the first in the new series, Right and Wrong Stories, will be available in late November/early December.  So much going on!

Happy Reading! Lane xo


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26 thoughts on “GRL 2014…I’ll Be There. Will You? Get Discounts & Win an Amazon GCert!

  1. My favorite genre is anything that makes me laugh. I love romance and I read a lot of it, but I will choose a funny book over anything else always. It’s hard to write funny and I really admire people that can make me laugh. Stephanie Plum never fails to make me chuckle. Now if you write romance that is also funny, than I will be a fan forever and ever. Ethan Day has a m/m romance, At Piper’s Point, and he wrote this scene that involves a blowjob in a kitchen and an unexpected guest and I laughed so hard I was crying.

    I love a straight-forward with HEA romance the best. One of the very 1st m/m books I read was Heidi Cullinan’s Dance With Me. It will forever remain a favorite not only because it introduced me to m/m romance, but also because it’s got all the elements of what I want in a romance. The heroes that aren’t really sure about each other but discover something that is amazing in the other, falling in love, overcoming obstacles, hot steamy sex…there is just something magical about the classic HEA.

    1. Humor is everything. I love books that make me laugh and as an author I try to infuse some humor with my work. I’m a big believer of the saying “laughter is the best medicine”. It makes awkward scenes between MCs work and it shows a human side we can all relate too. Thank you so much for your comments! Lane xo

  2. Not sure I have favorite genre. I love romance but if the book is well written with characters I care about then it’s a good book (to me anyway) Heck, Amy Lane could write a for sale ad & I’d give it 5 stars!
    PS- won’t be at GRL this year but last year was my first time there. Relax & enjoy, it’s a blast!

    1. Thank you for your comments! MM Romance is definitely my favorite! I’m looking forward to GRL. It will fun to be meet people who love what I do. Honestly, there was a time I thought I was one of maybe a dozen! Good to know that’s not so. xo Lane

  3. My favorite genre is MM mystery. I love cynical, snarky detectives and following along with them as they discover new clues to solve a case. If they happen to fall in love along the way it’s even better. Marshall Thornton’s Boystown series is one of the best I’ve ever read. Definitely not a romance but the character development of the MC is stupendous.

    1. Ooo. I love a good mystery. I’ve read tons of them, but only a few in the MM genre. I’ll have to give the Boystown series a try. Thank you for commenting! Lane xo

  4. I love m/m involving friends-to-lovers, especially between roommates, bandmates, or sports teammates. (Hockey themes are very appealing to me because the game has such a slashy dynamic to begin with…for a while I wasn’t impressed with a lot of the hockey m/m I found, but there have been some really good ones this year!) I enjoy food and art topics, too. Of course, being surprised by something unusual is always a treat (I never thought I’d want to read about pharmaceutical smuggling, for instance, then I found Eden Winters’ DIVERSION series). Humor is always a plus, for sure.

    1. I love sports in MM stories. It never has to be a focal point for me, but let’s face it, a lot of guys (& girls…like me) watch sports. It’s fun to see well-written stories incorporate everyday sports watching and attending games and concerts. Those are activities we can all usually relate to! Thank you Trix! Lane xo

  5. I like to read stories about characters not having a happy childhood or having a rough life. I like to see them fighting to survive their past and being the person they wanted to be since they were born. I want to read about pain and how in the end, the MC finds someone that can love him despite his(if it’s a man) flaws or his past (especially if it’s painful). Love can really change your life.
    Why do I like to read about this kind of books? Because I was one of those kids.
    Please, count me in for the giveaway. Thank you <3

    1. Ahh… heavy angst. I totally appreciate why those books resonate for you. I’m one of those who would need to stay up until 3am if necessary to get to the part where things became tolerable again. RL doesn’t allow it, but thankfully romance novels do! Thank you for your comments! Lane xo

  6. I’m huge fan of scary books with tons of romance in them. I like the Hero thing:))))) Thank you for the giveaway!!

  7. Romance is my favorite, but a good mystery is always fun. As has been said, humor is huge (I ADORE Stephanie Plum, too! And Ethan Day’s Sno Ho is one of my faves). Mostly I read M/M these days, but as long as it’s got a HEA I’m good. I have to be in the mood for angst, but when it’s done well, I’m all in. Well-written characters will pull me in every time 🙂

    1. I love Sno Ho! Great book! I’m with you…HEA is a must and I’m a sissy about angst. A little is okay but too much makes me nervous! Thank you for commenting! Lane xo

  8. I read a lot of books, all M/M – about 500 so far this year. Because of that, I like a mix. Ideally, that would be 1 paranormal, 2 suspense and 2 contemporary romance novels. However, the primary criteria is that they be well written and don’t have more sex than story. There are many more contemporary than anything else so that’s mostly what I read. I do love HEAs and angst in all the books and I hate cliffhangers.

    1. 500!! Wow! Amazing. I’m very impressed. If I have zero distractions I can read a book a day (300pg) but these days, I’m writing more than reading. I’m a contemporary romance girl most of the time, but I love suspense too. 🙂 Thank you for commenting, Andrea! xo Lane

  9. In my case, I’m a slave inside. Dom/Sub romance makes me wild. I’m a woman but I wish I was born a gay man sub: kneeling and adoring my Master while he takes care of me. **sighs** Count me for the giveaway 🙂

    1. I love it! That is what I think is so wonderful about the romance genre. There are so many sub-genres and a good book can transport you to another place…even to your master’s feet! 🙂 Thank you for commenting! Lane xo

  10. **thinking about it** I’m more for lovey-dovey romance..yeah..I think that not being very young, I’m more old school. Started with m/f romances but now (thanks to my baby girl), I’m loving m/m romances. HEA romances where the main characters are so romantic that like to write poems or songs to their love. It’s very nice of you to give us the chance to win a gift card. Have a nice day, dear.

    1. Ahh! A fellow romantic! I’ve read more MF romance novels than I can even begin to remember. I discovered the MM genre a few years ago and never looked back. Thank you for your comments! Lane xo

  11. Maybe I’m a bit strange but my n°1 stories are those with kids. Single daddy that works and lives for his baby boy or baby girl. I really like to read about how sometimes they (kids) try to find a boyfriend to their daddy. Love, family and kids are the best romance to me.

    1. Not strange at all! I love those stories too. A caregiver, compassionate angle is fun and gives the characters dimension. I’ve read many of those but I haven’t written one yet! Thanks for commenting. Lane xo

  12. My guys need their happy ending! I love public declarations and romance. I also love a good cry so lots of emotions. I prefer contemporary but will happily venture outside for a little variety every now and then 🙂

  13. I agree on both points. HEA is a must for me! I will read other sub-genres but honestly, there’s nothing like a good contemporary romance 🙂 Thank you for commenting Nic! Lane xo

  14. I like a good story. The characters have to be fleshed out and I need to relate to them. Generally I like contemporary but also period pieces like something done by Nica Noelle. Heavy on the erotica but with a good plot. Romance is always a plus.

    1. Story is everything. Heavy erotica is cool but it’s always oh so much better with a good plot! Thank you for commenting! Lane xo ps -are you an owl? 🙂

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