Welcome Kim Fielding! She’s Got 5 New Releases (What??) Coming Soon, Including “Bone Dry”…

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Hi! I’m Kim Fielding. Do you trust me?

It’s a serious question, because I am an author. And if you are a reader, I need you to trust me. If you can’t, if you don’t, our literary relationship won’t last very far.

What do I mean? Well to begin with you have to be willing to part with some of your hard-earned money to buy my books. There are lots of other books you could buy instead. There are lots of other things you could buy. So before you type in your credit card number, authorize PayPal, or click on that tempting 1-Click button, you have to trust that I’ll be giving you a story worth your time and money. Something well-written, with compelling plot and characters. Something that immerses you in my fictional world.

But that’s not all. Because I write romance, once you begin to read, you have to trust me to give you a happy ending. I’m going to throw all sorts of obstacles in my poor guys’ way. This one’s a parolee and that one’s a werewolf. This one’s only beginning to come to terms with being gay. That one got zapped to an alternate universe. Hell, I killed off one of my heroes twice before the book ended. But however cruel I am, I hope you trust me, dear reader, to make things work out okay in the end.

Now, if I’m really lucky you’ll come to trust me even farther. You’ll follow me into new genres. You don’t like historicals but you’ll try The Pillar, set in 15th century Bosnia. You’re tired of shifter stories but you’ll give my Bones series a go—complete with its hipster architect werewolf. You’re uncomfortable about vodou but you’ll take a chance on The Dance, one of four vodou novellas in the new Bones anthology (not to be confused with the Bones series; it’s been a very bony time for me lately).

And when you see that I have five (!) new releases coming out within a few weeks, you’ll trust me that each story is interesting, and different, and worth your time.

So do you trust me?

I’m doing a Fieldingpalooza tour, complete with prizes. You can find all the details on my website. Please come join me!


Kim’s new releases:

Bone Dry—book 3 in the Bones series—available now!

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Brute—French translation!—available now!

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Standby—in the Stranded anthology—releases October 10—available now!

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The Dance—in the Bones anthology (Gothika vol. 2)—releases October 27—available now for preorder!

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The Festivus Miracle—releases November 1—all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders—available now for preorder!

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For more details on Kim’s books, as well as some free stories, visit her at http://kfieldingwrites.com/. You can also follow her in Twitter @KFieldingWrites and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/KFieldingWrites.

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