Happy Thanksgiving! and Info about Special Upcoming MC Guest Appearance!

images-4Happy Thanksgiving!  It doesn’t take more than a cursory glance at the newspaper headlines to remind most of us we are very fortunate and have much to be grateful for.  Sure, there are lines in every store, some relatives are beyond annoying and the turkey may not turn out exactly as you hoped, but those things are surface grievances.  Not really a big deal in the larger scheme of things.  Wherever you find yourself, whether it’s behind the stove or in an overcrowded airline terminal, this is the perfect time to consider the people and things we are grateful for. (And try really hard to forget the assholes who will always bug the crap out of you 😉 )

This year we’re having a smaller than normal dinner for 10 people.  Fine by me!  The people I love the most will be here.  My two sons will be home from college which makes this the first long visit we’ve had as a family since summer.  Distance truly makes you grateful for time in a completely different way and I am more grateful than I can ever express for the amazing people I have in my life.  I’m also very grateful to my readers and supporters.  You all make every day behind my computer keyboard worthwhile!  I love writing and I love knowing others enjoy these characters as much as I do!  So thank you.

Speaking of characters… you may have heard I have a new book coming out December 12.  No?  Oh dear.  Well, it’s called The Right Words and features a brand new cast of hunky men from Southern California.  The Right Words is Luke and Michael’s story.   I thought since no one knows these boys yet, it might be nice to have Luke come by to do a 3 day guest spot on my blog to introduce himself and give everyone a glimpse into his world as an interior designer.  Hopefully he’ll spread a little holiday cheer and get everyone ready to read his and Michael’s story on the 12th!  Look for Luke’s posts on my blog beginning Monday, Dec. 8. 🙂

*The Right Words is now available for pre-order at All Romance.com. Check it out here.

Happy Thanksgiving!  And as always, Happy Reading!

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