The Right Words Blog Tour Continues! & There are Prizes!!

images-30I know, I know… 6 days till Christmas.  The lines, the pressure, the headache!  Perfect time to pick up a book and… escape.  My blog tour continues at the sites listed below.  Come by for a visit & make sure to join in the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win fabulous prizes!  I’m leaving you with a quick excerpt of Luke and Michael from The Right Words.  Enjoy!

19-Dec Molly Lolly
19-Dec Cate Ashwood
19-Dec MM Good Book Reviews

*Stay tuned for a Better Than Short Xmas Story.  (I swear I’ll post it by Sunday!! 🙂 )

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Excerpt from The Right Words by Lane Hayes

“One day at a time,” he repeated thoughtfully, making an obvious effort to steer the topic toward something more pleasant.

“Well, I don’t have anything better, so… I’ll go with that too.” Michael’s smile lit his entire face. It was a beautiful thing to witness. He was handsome always, but wow… what a smile.

“Was the picture of us good at least?”

This time he laughed out loud, a sweet, musical sound that made me chuckle along with him.

“Yeah, very hot.” He reached over and pulled me into his side effortlessly. “Look, I wasn’t trying to send mixed signals this week. I know I haven’t been around like I said I would. I… Jamie isn’t going to go away easily. This has been a weird blow to add to an already fucked-up situation, but… I like you and I do trust you.”

“You like me?”

He gave a small half chuckled and shrugged. “Un poco.” He translated when I gave him a blank stare. “A little.”

“I like you a little too.”

I couldn’t help my response at being near him. I curled into his side like a cat begging for attention. Michael wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek and my chin. I didn’t want a “friend” kiss, though. I wanted what he gave me Friday night. I wanted “that kiss.” I intercepted him when he leaned in to peck my temple and stuck my tongue out to trace the corner of his mouth. He groaned and accepted the invitation, diving and thrusting his tongue inside my mouth to stake his claim. His right hand traveled down my throat and came to a stop over my left nipple. He rubbed at the sensitive flesh through my tight T-shirt and squeezed hard when he heard my moan of approval.

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