Merry Christmas!

images-24Having a houseful of teenagers means they don’t wake up as early as they did when they were little.  It also means they know the contents of practically everything under the tree because let’s face it, who really wants to go to the mall the day after Christmas?  (Turns out LOTS of people do 🙂 ) Not me!  They’ll be up soon enough and we’ll follow our own tradition of opening gifts before getting ready to go to Grandma’s for tamales (yes, like Michael’s family in The Right Words 🙂 ) and more presents.  Relatives will come by later in the day and then finally… we’ll settle in to watch Elf or the second half of It’s A Wonderful Life.  It’s a beautiful day here but it wouldn’t matter if it was cloudy and cold or even raining.  I’m simply happy to be with the people I love most.  To me, that is what Christmas is all about.

I wish you all peace and good will and a very Merry Christmas!  Love, Lane xo






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