The Wrong Man is Available for Pre-Order on Amazon & Better Than Friends Audio is Here!

images-8Big day! The Wrong Man is officially available for pre-order at Amazon now.  Woohoo! And yes, after many moons of waiting… Better Than Friends has been released too! I’ve listened to approximately 1 1/2 hours of the 7 hrs, 25 min and Tyler Stevens is spot on perfect again!  Kudos to Tyler.  He does a masterful job of voicing Curt and Jack’s story.  Give it a listen here:

We are down to the one week countdown now, folks.  Only 7 days till Feb 6!  As most of you know, there is a dog who plays an important supporting role in the story.  Mack is actually my dog in RL. I wish I could say the same for Bran & Jake. LOL.  Here’s a recent photo of Mack.


Thanks for patiently waiting.  We’re almost there!

Happy Reading! (& Listening!)  Lane xo

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