The Wrong Man Release Day… Today!!!

Unknown-6The Wrong Man is here!  I’m hosting a Blog Party at Dreamspinner Press’s Blog today between 8am EST/ 5am PST and 5pm EST/ 2pm PST.   There will lots of prizes… an ebook or two and maybe even a Dreamspinner  gift card.  Come by and say hello!



And don’t forget, I still have giveaway going on here too.  Please leave your comment regarding Valentine’s Day for a chance to win an ebook copy of The Wrong Man and an audiobook of Better Than Friends.

Available now on Amazon!


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17 thoughts on “The Wrong Man Release Day… Today!!!

  1. Congrats on your new release!!! That is fantastic! I’m looking forward to reading it. Valentine’s Day to me is not roses and dinners. It’s my husband just bringing me something that I love like maybe a red velvet blizzard or a chocolate cupcake. Nothing fancy just something I don’t have often and he knows what I love the most. The little things add up to a lot!!

    1. I absolutely agree! Mine will do something small. He doesn’t ignore it entirely, but he refuses to play into the hype. And thank you!! I’m thrilled The Wrong Man is out!! Woohoo!

    1. Well hello Ken! Welcome to my humble blog :-). Alas, my husband gets a little impatient at restaurants on Valentine’s Day. We’re better off going out on the 13th or 15th! LOL.

  2. My partner knows I cannot eat chocolate and that I would much prefer a plant to a bunch of flowers and like many other readers we do not like all the hype (and increased prices for flowers and restaurant) and would rather go out a different night or maybe go away for a special weekend any other time. I just had to check which day it fell on, so sadly its not really an important day 🙁 So maybe breakfast in bed and a chance to read a new book, as he often buys me one instead of chocolate and roses 😀

    Congratulations on your new release and thank you for a chance to win a copy of your new book and an audio book, wow thank you 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the new release! My husband always always always bought one of those giant heart candy boxes for Valentines Day. I did not eat the chocolate but he got that thing so he could eat it! LOL

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