2 Days till Valentine’s Day…

images-31Last year at this time I posted Better Than Candy over the course of the week before Valentine’s Day.  Better Than Chance had been released 3 weeks prior so it was a nice in between story for the holiday.  This year, The Wrong Man is out and my baby is only 6 days old.  And The Right Words is actually 2 months old today… a little too soon to release a short for those who have the books in their TBRs.  I don’t want to spoil the new series for anyone who is new to Luke & Michael or Brandon & Jake.  So I’m going to re-post Better Than Candy with the promise to release a Right & Wrong short before the release of Book #3 this summer.

For those who haven’t read the Better Than Stories, it will give you a glimpse at Matt & Aaron from my first book, Better Than Good.  Look for Better Than Candy, part 1 later today. <3



Back to The Wrong Man. I had the best question from a reader on the DSP blog last week.  She asked who of my characters I’m most like. That’s a tough one!  In The Wrong Man, I’m definitely more like Jake, though he’s probably more patient than me.  I wish I was more like Brandon, that’s for sure!  How about you?  Are you Jake or Brandon?

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Happy Reading!  Lane xo

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