5 Stars for Better Than Friends Audiobook! & Upcoming News…

I love it when people who listen to audiobooks are completely taken by the narrator’s work.  Tyler Stevens has narrated all of the Better Than books and he truly put a piece of himself into each character.  Barb at Hearts on Fire loved his take on Curt and Jack’s story.  Take a listen to Better Than Friends and see (or hear) what you think!


On another note…I saw this great quote recently and immediately thought of my son.  It made me smile.  I set it aside but went on with my day.  Later, my husband mentioned a guy he knew who was telling him about his six-year old son who’s… different, weird, an outside of the box thinker, for sure.  We have three kids and our oldest, who will be twenty-one next Wednesday, isn’t like his brother and sister.  He’s different.   The guy makes his own rules and beats to his own drum.  Not destructively but with the sincerity of a soul who ingeniously sees things his own way.  Conformity isn’t in his bloodstream.  The dad of the six-year may or may not have a kid like mine, but his concerns are valid.  His son is ostracized, bullied and if first grade is a challenge, he’s really worried about the next eleven in public school.  I don’t blame him.  It’s scary.

But it does get better.  I’ll share a little of my thoughts and experiences about raising a so-called “weird” kid next week.  I assure you, the honor and joy are all mine.

Happy weekend and Happy Reading!  Lane xo


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