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“If you have to make laws to hurt a group of people just to prove your morals and faith, then you have no true morals or faith to prove.” – George Takei  Unknown-6I’m not big on politics.  I have a problem with double speak and hypocrisy.  If you have something to say, say it.  Don’t leave a freaking loophole so you can backpedal later when the wind starts blowing the other direction. Disingenuousness is highly unattractive.  If you haven’t gotten over it by high school, we don’t need to meet.  So… now that I’m firmly on my soap box (I’m short, it takes a while to get up here), I feel the need to voice an opinion about the Indiana Religious Freedom bill.  “Sounds political” I hear you say.  Well maybe. But this is my blog and you know how that goes…

I’ve lived in California for many years, but I’m actually from Michigan originally.  I’m a midwestern girl  who was raised with religion. Catholicism to be exact.  I have a solid understanding of the gospels and the church and can hold a decent conversation about doctrine until my bullshit meter says it’s time to stop.  The truth is I’m a “reformed” Catholic who is disenchanted with old rhetoric.  As a mother of a gay son, I cannot support any faith that doesn’t acknowledge my three children equally.  How is it possible to stand behind a faith that deems some more “worthy” than others, citing a book that does not in fact, support their teachings?  It’s ludicrous!  I truly don’t believe Jesus would approve. The Bible is full of beautiful stories of love, forgiveness and kindness.  It’s extraordinary that in the twenty-first century people are fighting over interpretation.  If you don’t understand the essence of love and understanding, I can guarantee you won’t find any answers if your faith is preaching hate and discrimination to protect their so-called morals.images-11

Our nation was founded by people who left their homeland to escape religious persecution.  The First Amendment of the Constitution (article VI) states that no religious test shall ever be required, in effect “a separation of church and state”.

Am I wrong to assume the Constitution, which disallows the government to prohibit free exercise of religious beliefs has already covered “Religious Freedom” and did so, oh gee… 239 years ago?  There is no feasible reason or excuse to write, let alone pass a bill that legalizes discrimination.  And sorry, not specifically stating the LGBT community doesn’t mean intelligent (or stupid) Americans can’t read between the lines and recognize that the spirit of this law is based in hate and intolerance.  For a community struggling for equal rights, it is a direct attack. And it is inexcusable.

We live in a time of amazing change and wondrous progress, but we are very limited in our ability to adapt quickly enough.  It is disheartening but true that prejudice, racism and bigotry are alive and well in 2015.  If nothing else, I hope this disgusting show of malicious bigotry in the name of religion sheds light on the very real fact there is no room for complacency in the fight for equality.  All men and women are created equal.  All men and women deserve to be treated fairly regardless of faith, race or sexual orientation.

The people of Indiana deserve better. I pray (as lapsed Catholics do) for the LGBT community in the Hoosier state.  As a parent, I would be afraid to send my gay child away to college in a state that legalizes the obliteration of lessons I fought hard to impart to my children. Lessons I learned in part from the religion I grew up with. Love, forgive, and be kind.  And above all, treat others as you wish to be treated.  Always.   <3 Lane xo







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