Easter, Spring and What’s New…

images-27It’s Easter Sunday.  To those who celebrate the holiday, even through copious chocolate consumption…Happy Easter.  To those who don’t… Happy Sunday! We sort of celebrate it, but not the way we did when our kids were little.  Years ago, there was a two week lead up that included Easter egg hunts, visits to see the Easter bunny, egg coloring and endless viewing of any cartoon or kid friendly movie with an Easter theme.  Things change.  I have fantastic memories of those time, but I’m not overly nostalgic.  And this year, I’m just thrilled we’ll all be together visiting relatives we don’t see often anymore.  The older you get, the more you appreciate simpler things… like being together.  Now let’s just hope everyone behaves. 😉

On to upcoming news… I am participating in Goodreads’ “Don’t Read in the Closet” this year.  It’s my first time writing a short story for this event and I’m very excited.  My prompt is water related and though the story is forming and taking shape in my head, I have yet to get a word down on my computer.  Yikes! Not to worry.  I work well under pressure.  My current WIP is nearing the finish line and as always, that takes precedence.

Last, but definitely not least… Book 4 in Better Than Stories will be coming this fall!  Woohoo!  I’ll keep you all posted with details as it gets closer, but it will be released in Sept/Oct 2015. <3  This is Paul’s story.  You may remember him as the British ad exec Aaron sets Curt up with in Better Than Friends.  It was very fun to get back to my DC boys.  There are some interesting twists which I think may call for an additional short story.  Suffice it to say, I have a lot of writing to do! Lol.

I’m still unsure of  the exact date of release for The Right Time, but Alex’s story is coming soon!  June/July. (I’m hoping June!)  Is he yummy or what?



Happy Easter, Happy Sunday and as always, Happy Reading!  Lane xo


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