Cover Reveal of The Right Time Coming Next Week! (Finally)

Things are busy! My major focus has been getting my WIP to the publisher.  I’m working on Book 1 in a new series, which actually features a character everyone will meet in Book 4 of Better Than, Better Than Safe (coming this fall!). I’m in the editing stages and man… it’s like putting together a puzzle. With any luck this will be with the publisher by the end of the month (fingers crossed!) and I’ll be on to book 2.

I recently completed my first short story for Goodreads’ Don’t Read in the Closet. I believe those stories will be released this summer.  Kind of exciting!  It was a fun challenge  to write from a prompt and try something new. I’ll be sure to announce when it’s here.

But let’s be real… what you really want to know is when the heck Alex’s story will finally be here!  The official release date is June 26, but the Cover Reveal is coming next week, May 26!!  For those patiently waiting to know who Alex’s love interest is, be sure to tune in next Tuesday.  I think you’ll be surprised. 😉 The Right Time will be available for pre-order May 26.  Woohoo!

And to set the tone and wish you all a happy week till Cover Reveal Day, here is my favorite inspiration pic of Alex. Geesh, this guy is beautiful!

Happy Reading!  Lane xo

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  1. Very excited for cover reveal!!! Can’t wait to read more from you!! Have a great Monday!!

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