Release Day! The Right Time is Officially Here! & There’s More News…

This is a big day!  Yes, The Right Time is available today and I’m more than thrilled.  Many of you woke up to it on your Kindles & Nooks and may even be reading it now!  Thank you.  I hope you all enjoy Alex and Nate’s story.  The official blog tour for the The Right Time will begin on Tuesday, June 30.  There will be a Rafflecopter giveaway, so stay tuned!

In other big news… I am the featured author for Dreamspinner’s Weekend Reads! The exciting part is that 3 of my books will be available for 99 cents (Yes, you read that correctly) this weekend only, from June 26-28.  The titles available for this amazing price are… The Right Words, The Wrong Man and Better Than Friends.  For those of you new to the Right & Wrong Stories book, now is the time to see what happens in books 1 & 2.  For those who are new to Better Than Stories, book 3 will get you ready for book 4, Better Than Safe, which will be here this fall!  I will be checking in at Dreamspinner’s Dream Readers Facebook group all weekend.  If you’re available, come say hello!

And truly the biggest news of all is that today is when we’re expecting to hear that marriage is an equal right to all citizens in the US.  Fingers crossed!

Thank you all for your support!

Happy Reading!  Lane xo

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