Better Than Good Anniversary Giveaway Ends Tonight! & The Dreaded Blank Page

Writers are an odd bunch.  We throw our hearts into our work, labor over the story, then the sentence structuring…then the simplest of word choices before finally pushing send to let the next set of eyes to take a look at our creation.  The minute we let it go, we’re consumed by self-doubt…”It wasn’t quite ready” or “I should add something to the ending” or “Will they even get these guys?”  You know in your gut it’s good… sometimes better than good (yes, pun intended 😉 ), but it’s human nature to wonder.

Why am I sharing  this? Well, I’ve submitted book 1 in a new series to my publisher and I’ve got the blank page blues.  The story is in my head and about 500 words are scattered in notes, so I’m not completely without hope. However, it’s a daunting.  Maybe more so in the summer when distractions are easy to come by. But I’m on it! Book 2 will officially commence today… or tomorrow. And yeah, then there’s the short story follow up to Better Than Safe and the free short with Matt & Aaron (it will be released when BTS comes out).  Lots to do!  I wish it wasn’t so damn sunny and beautiful outside. Lol!

Speaking of Matt and Aaron, the Better Than Good ebook winner will be chosen tonight at 9pm PST. If you haven’t read the Better Than Stories series, you’ll want this one! All you have to do to enter is tell me something about your summer plans… or how about your dream summer vacation?  My dream summer vacation would be another trip to Italy. I was there 4 years ago and it just sounds heavenly!

The Right Time Blog Tour continues Tuesday & Thursday this week.  I’ll post the stops later today.

Enjoy your Sunday & Happy Reading!  Lane xo

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