Better Than Safe at The Blogger Girls & GRNW Podcast (feat. Yours Truly)

Today I’m at The Blogger Girls with a post about the joys of discovery… aka camping and generally trying new things you may never again repeat in this lifetime. 🙂  Check it out!
I also wanted to share the GRNW (Gay Romance Northwest Conference 2015) podcast that was forwarded to me yesterday. I was on a panel with four others (3 authors and an editor) discussing elevating underrepresented characters in queer romance.  It’s approximately 48 minutes long, but if you’re interested in the subject or just curious about what I sound like (LOL!), give it a listen. It was an informative discussion for sure.

Tomorrow I’ll be at Tracy’s blog, Bayou Book Junkies then on my way to GRL!  See you there!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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