A Kind of Truth is Available for Pre-Order at All Romance E-books Now!

My concentration is being tested by a houseful of non-stop talkers and people descending to do “fun” things like make Christmas cookies. I may as well give in and succumb to some damn holiday cheer. I’ve got gifts to buy, gifts to wrap and a party to be at in a few hours. It’s all good. And yes, there will be wine, but still… I have these two hot guys in my head dealing with fierce sexual tension and I’ve got to put them on hold. At least for now. *sigh

On the bright side, I just received word that A Kind of Truth is now available for pre-order at ARE Cafe! I’m guessing it will be available very soon on Amazon too. I’ll keep you posted!

Hope you’re all enjoying the final few hectic days before Christmas! 🙂

Happy Reading & Happy Holidays! Lane xo

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