A Kind of Truth Release Day!! Woohoo!

Any release day is a special day, but I must admit, I’ve been waiting for A Kind of Truth for months! I fell in love with Rand in Better Than Safe (I know, he’s my character…weird! Wait till you meet him though!) and knew he needed his own story. It was hard enough to contain him in the short scenes he had with Seth. Rand is larger than life. He’s got a big mouth and big opinions and he isn’t afraid to share them. Ever. Lol! I knew he needed someone to ground him but let him fly, and I think he’s more than met his match in Will. I’m very thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce these characters today! Thank you Dreamspinner Press and thank you, readers! I hope you enjoy Rand & Will’s story.

KindofTruth[A]FS           KindofTruth[A]DE

Btw… I’m at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Review today with a post & a giveaway! A huge thank you to Alan for the gorgeous 5+ Star Review too! Check it out here. I’m also at Diverse Reader blog with another post & giveaway & a lovely review. Come by and say hello!

And… I’ll be at the DSP blog this weekend. I’ll post the link tomorrow. The official A Kind of Truth Blog Tour begins on Tuesday. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and A Kind of Truth!

Happy Reading, Lane xo

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2 thoughts on “A Kind of Truth Release Day!! Woohoo!

  1. Loved, loved Rand and Will! Will was a perfect match for Rand. Thank you for writing such fun and enjoyable characters. When I finish one of your books, it is with a smile (because I so enjoyed it!) and a sigh (because I reached the last page.)

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! I’m so glad you enjoyed Rand and Will. They were so fun to write. Book 2 is a few months away, but it’s coming! <3

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