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It’s been a couple weeks since my last update. I haven’t been on a fabulous vacation or doing anything special or… actually, I have been doing something special. I’m very close to finally typing my two favorite words “The End” on my WIP. It will be followed by heavy editing and read-throughs for another few weeks before it’s ready to go to the publisher, but… it’s getting close! Phew! For those who have asked, I will be releasing a couple more short stories. There will be another Rand & Will short before book 2, A Kind of Romance is released in June and yes, I will write a short story for Aaron and Matt’s wedding. July 8 marks the 3 year anniversary of the release of Better Than Good. It might be a nice way to commemorate a date that was a big deal to me!

In other news, I have 3 new audiobooks coming! The Wrong Man, The Right Time and Better Than Safe! I wish I could tell you the dates. I only know to expect them in March/April/May. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I know specifics.

On a personal front, my husband is sick with a severe case of Man Flu. He’s achy, sneezy, nauseous and definitely not himself.  There’s no nice way to say it… he’s a bit high maintenance at the moment (actually that was very nice 😉 ). I sincerely hope he’s feeling better asap! LOL. It’s been a rough weekend!

Last but not least… check out my monthly guest post at Love Bytes today! I wrote a little piece about the “perfect” book boyfriend. If you’re an avid romance reader, you know exactly what I mean. Who wants a perfect man? A non-snuffly, sneezy one…maybe. Perfect? Not so much!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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