Happy Easter & A Massive Giveaway to Support LGBTQ Youth in NC

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! The weather in So Cal has been absolutely gorgeous lately. It really does feel like spring. My two college boys came home for their break. Or part of it. It’s been so nice to have a full house again. The grocery bill is a little outrageous and the laundry doesn’t stop, but it’s worth it. <3

Quick update…I had not one or two, but an unprecedented three audiobooks released in March! The Wrong Man, The Right Time and Better Than Safe. (Click the links for a sample listen to each.) I’ve listened to The Wrong Man  and I’m halfway through Better Than Safe. Tyler Stevens is back in BTS! He’s soooo good! You have to hear his British accent. He does a fantastic Paul. Michael Ferraiuolo does a fine job on The Wrong Man. My only gripe is there accents where there shouldn’t be, but they don’t take away from the story. And his narration of Jake is wonderful. Listen for yourselves! I’ll be doing an audiobook giveaway on Facebook in The MM Daily Grind on Tuesday this week. Stop by for a chance to win!

Which leads me to the massive giveaway Riley Hart has organized on her blog to benefit the LGBTQ+ community in North Carolina. There are signed paperbacks and audiobooks from myself, Riley, Felice Stevens, Ella Frank, N.r.Walker, Cardeno C and Christina Lee. To enter all you have to do is share some kind of article on social media about this law…something to inform people what’s going on, to offer support to people who live in North Carolina.

 Knowledge is power and making more people aware will hopefully make more people fight. Please read and help support the community from the so-called religious freedom bill that does nothing but give a legal platform for hate. Love wins. Not hate.


Thank you and Happy Easter!  Lane xo

*2 months and counting till A Kind of Romance is here! Short stories coming soon!

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