A First Timer’s RT Recap

IMG_5717Sin City was an interesting place to be a virgin RT-er. I’m not a big fan of casinos or of Las Vegas usually. When I do go, I’ve figured out how to do it right so I’m not crawling out of my skin within twenty minutes of breathing in the smoky casino air. The key is exploring other hotels, enjoying a couple amazing meals and above all… being with people who make you laugh. In all respects, I had a fantastic first time RT experience!

I usually opt to room by myself but I knew I wouldn’t want to in Vegas. It can be a lonely place if you feel isolated. My roomie was Jules (Juleslovestoread)… and I have to say I totally lucked out. Jules is a fun, vivacious and truly kind lady. I knew from our first glass of wine in Seattle at GRNW she was my kind of chick. 🙂 And then there was the dinner crew… Joyfully Jay, Susan Lee, Rick Reed, Les Joseph, Devon Rhodes, Keira Andrews, Jules, Jamie and on our last night Cody Kennedy. It was a blast to explore the Bellagio, have cocktails in the crystal chandelier at the Cosmopolitan, a 4 course meal at Emeril’s Table 10 at the Palazzo and then finish up at barstools eating the best tortilla chips in recent memory at Guy Fieri’s Mexican restaurant at the Rio.  Meeting and getting to know this group of wonderful authors and bloggers was completely worth the trip to  me. <3

IMG_5722Another highlight was meeting Riley Hart, Christina Lee and Felice Stevens…3 of my partners in crime from the MM Daily Grind and some of our readers (shout outs to Maite and Rod!).  It’s fun to connect with people in real life and find they’re more amazing than you thought they were online. LOL. I’m looking forward to GRL, ladies!

IMG_5741Oh wait… there was a con too. It was fun. A little overwhelming at times with crowds and lines, but absolutely worthwhile. There is something invigorating about being with hundreds (possibly thousands) of people who love books so much they’re willing to stand in line for hours to meet their favorite authors and collect tons of books to ship home. For someone who has read romance for over three decades, it was surreal.Say what you will about romance readers, but we’re a passionate group who are willing to travel far to meet up with people who share our love of compelling HEA stories in all forms…contemporary, paranormal, sci-fi, historical, YA, NA.

Atlanta or bust in 2017… who’s going? 😉

Lane xo


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  1. Glad you had a good time with other fantastic authors and friends!! Vegas can be an amazing place even you don’t gamble. Wish I could have came to meet you in person! 🙁

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