A Kind of Romance is Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!

Three weeks still seems like forever, but A Kind of Romance is getting closer to release date. And as of today it is officially available for pre-order on Amazon! Woohoo! After a day spent cleaning up after our old diabetic dog, I decided it’s best to concentrate on the positives. Three weeks in adult years equates to mere days in reality, right? At least I hope it feels that way this time. LOL. On a personal front I have an exciting event in between to keep me grounded. My oldest son is graduating from college Memorial weekend. I’m so thrilled for him and more than a little dumfounded that four years went so damn fast! (See what I mean about adult timing and perspective?) A trip to San Francisco sounds like the perfect diversion before a book release. And who knows, maybe I’ll come home with inspiration for my new series, which will be set… yep, you guessed it… in the city by the Bay.

In the meantime, I have a WIP to get back to and a short story to prepare before A Kind of Romance is released. Look for a Benny short story next week! Btw, there is a 30% discount at Dreamspinner from now until May 21! Including A Kind of Romance.

I’ll leave you with a  tiny exclusive excerpt from AKR and a photo from my trip to NYC last week. Remember this one… it’s actually featured in the book.

Happy Reading!  Lane xo

IMG_5820Excerpt from A Kind of Romance

“Come here.”

“If you forfeit now, I win. You’ll have to grant my wish anyway.” He sobered and gave me a curious sideways look. “What are you going to do?”

My grin was more of a lopsided upturn of lips that slowly morphed into something I knew looked a little dangerous. I’d spent a number of years playing with big boys in a shark tank. If you didn’t make it clear from day one you were a predator, you wouldn’t last ’til lunchtime. It was better to be known as the guy who kicked ass and took names later than as a nice guy any day of the week. Nice guys didn’t survive. And obviously I’d been a little too “nice” to Benny.

“You’ll see.”

He didn’t obey immediately. He held my sharp stare for a long moment before slowly rising from the chair and walking toward me. I crooked my finger when he stopped a few feet away.

“Keep movin’,” I said.

“No. You look scary.”

“I am scary.”

“Then I’m not going to—”


He glanced at me warily before taking a tentative step forward.

“Closer. That’s good. Now take your clothes off.”

“Here?” His eyes went wide as he turned to the open blinds on the windows in the living area.


This time when our eyes met, the air sizzled between us, as though a wire had been tripped. There was no escaping the powerful current in the room. We may have been playing a game, but neither of us knew the rules now. I couldn’t tell what he’d let me get away with, but I was driven to push him. I didn’t move. I didn’t blink. I waited with the patience of a hunter who finally had his prey right where he wanted him.

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  1. Congratulations on your sons graduation and have a fantastic time on your Memorial week!!!

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