A Kind of Romance Release Day Today! Woohoo!

A Kind of Romance is here! Yes! (Finally, right?) Release days are so surreal. They’re like a birthday only your internet friends and a few select real life friends and family know about. LOL. Today has been amazing so far. I’m going on about four hours of sleep (rather like a six year old who can’t wait to open presents and eat cake all day), but I’m completely jazzed! Caffeine may be partially responsible but truthfully, I just I’m just thrilled to finally introduce Benny and Zeke’s story.

I am firm believer that the best stories come from a personal place. A Kind of Romance is very personal in that sense. There are elements in this story, particularly in the interaction between Zeke and his father that are reminiscent of my husband and son. The drama level in RL wasn’t quite as high (thank God), but while love has never been in question, there is always a measure on one person’s part about what acceptance means. Ultimately it comes back to unconditional love, which I’m happy to say my son has in spades. But the struggle to give what is needed when it isn’t fully understood by a parent requires adjustment in thinking and sometimes in overall views.

In A Kind of Romance, Benny is the unflappable voice of reason. He refuses to accept less than he deserves. His inner strength and resilience are beguiling to Zeke, who eventually learns to confront his demons and surrender to a kind of romance.

Hope you enjoy Benny and Zeke’s story!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

KindofRomance[A]_FBbanner_DSP*Here’s a Release Day party favor… a small sexy, exclusive excerpt from A Kind of Romance. 🙂

I climbed into the backseat next to Benny after he gave Hector his East Village address. The privacy screen was still in place. I considered removing it to defuse the intimate vibe of sharing cozy quarters after an unintentionally romantic dinner, but I didn’t. I was under a spell. I had to ride it out. Go with the flow. No doubt I’d be back to normal in no time.

The car was silent for a short time. Strains of classical music floated through the luxurious interior, adding a seductive layer I felt powerless to control. I had a feeling changing the music wouldn’t do much to quell my desire.

“It’s quiet on the streets tonight.” Benny looked out the window and then back at me with a smile. “You’re quiet now too. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m—when are you working at the store again?” Lame. It was the best I could do. I couldn’t just ask him out. But… I wanted to see him again.

Benny cocked his head. “Friday morning.”

“Maybe I’ll stop by.” I pursed my lips and made myself look away.

He smiled, then pointed out the window just as the car slowed in front of a nondescript brick building a couple of blocks away from Bowery Bagels. “This is my stop.”

“Oh. Right….”

He leaned forward to plant a chaste kiss on my cheek, then sat back and gave me a stunning ear-to-ear grin. My heart flipped in my chest. I felt tangled in the moment. I didn’t want him to go. I set my hand on his knee before crashing my mouth over his, weaving my fingers through his hair and around his neck to draw him closer.

Benny groaned in response and turned in his seat to fully face me. I softened the connection, thinking I should pull away and end this before I was in over my head, but the second I felt his tongue lick my bottom lip, there was no point in trying to think at all. I was lost in him… the way he smelled, the noises he made, and how he seemed to fit perfectly in my arms. He was everything I didn’t usually go for, but fuck, he felt amazing. Our tongues collided and twisted in a frenzy. I held his head steady and leaned back against my seat, taking him with me so he sat halfway in my lap. I reached for his leg and dragged him across me until he straddled my thighs, never breaking our connection as we sucked and licked at each other’s lips, jaws, and necks.

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