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August has been a serious kick ass, work hard kind of month for me. Actually, so were June and July. LOL. If I haven’t been as chatty as usual, it’s not because I’ve been parked on a chaise lounge with a Mai Tai all summer. I’ve been writing, writing, and…editing. I’ll save major details for later, but I wanted to share a couple of tidbits for those who are interested.

A Kind of Honesty
will officially be released on October 7. The cover reveal will be September 7, which means AKH will be available for pre-order then too. Woohoo! And yes, this story belongs to Carter. I’ll let you guess his man and I’ll even admit I’ve already spilled the beans a couple of times in previous posts. 😉 Also…book 4 in A Kind of Stories will be with the publisher very soon (fingers crossed).

13909287_10208964514845449_8567405683935116844_oI’m not a fan of having more than one WIP going simultaneously. It’s hard work. Kudos to the authors who do it well. However, I’ve officially started my next series. Book 1 will be included in the MM Daily Grind Anthology, It Was Always You. It’s a short story, so technically it will be Book 1A…LOL. The others participating in this anthology are absolutely amazing; Cardeno C, N.r. Walker, Christina Lee, Ella Frank, Felice Stevens and Riley Hart. Mark your calendars for the October 4 release!

And last but not least…the audiobook for A Kind of Romance should be out in September. Another woohoo! Seth Clayton will be back to narrate and I cannot wait to hear him as Zeke.

Phew! See? Lots going on! I’ll be sure to post links and updates as we get closer to these releases, but as you can tell, it’s going to be a busy fall. I’m off to NYC for a brief holiday next week. I’m going to pretend I’m staying with Rand and Will for a few days before I head over to Zeke and Benny’s. Pics to follow!

Happy Reading & Happy End of Summer!  Lane xo

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  1. Oh thats so exciting, really looking forward to AKH!
    I love all your stories and I constantly re read them!!

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