National Coming Out Week & A Kind of Honesty Blog Tour Continues…

This week is National Coming Out Week. For most people, LGBTQ or straight, it may not register as a big deal. It’s not necessarily the day, the week or even the month that most will choose to come out, but it’s an occasion for those who have or have played integral parts in the lives of those who’ve come out to share their experiences. This is mine…
*Posted on October 11 (on Lane Hayes FaceBook)-  National Coming Out Day is a special day. I know not every closeted LGBTQ person feels safe or ready to come out, but when you are, it’s important to know there is a beautiful world waiting for you with some amazing people just like yourselves. As the mother of a young gay man, the day he came out to me four years ago is one I will never forget. It wasn’t a celebration for him. It wasn’t something he was excited to do. In fact, he pulled me into a small office (small as a closet) and in a very shaky voice told me he had something to say. But he couldn’t say it right away. I took a few minutes…maybe longer.

I remember wondering if I should tell him I already knew (or at least had an idea) then worrying it wasn’t my place to speak. These were his words and they had to be spoken in his voice. I won’t say the clouds parted and sweet angelic voices sang Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out” the moment he said, “I’m gay”, but it was a beginning. He knew right from the start of his journey that he had love, acceptance and hope in his corner. The tougher part was learning to accept himself.

The journey of self-discovery is not unique to anyone no matter what your sexuality is. But doubt, self-loathing and fear should be left behind. My hope for my son, who is now 22, is that he learns to embrace every aspect of himself. He is not defined by who he loves but rather by his ability to love. I am a proud LGBT mom. This rainbow is a beautiful place. To those who’ve chosen to step out today…welcome. You are not alone.

And in a complete shift of gears… the A Kind of Honesty blog tour continues today with the following stops. Be sure to check them out and register for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

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Happy Reading!  Lane xoteaser-3

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  1. I missed coming out week again! It seems I’ve been coming out for years and I’m still not there! The most important people still don’t know – so here I am – I’m Hugh and I’m homosexual.

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