A Kind of Romance- 2016 Rainbow Awards Winner!

12339209_1174925622541518_4486381292446131299_oWoohoo! Unbelievable! I cannot begin to express how absolutely blown away I was to learn that three of my books took the top four spots in the Gay Erotic Romance category in the 2016 Rainbow Awards.  I’m so thrilled! A Kind of Romance was #1, Better Than Safe was #3 and A Kind of Truth was #4. *happy sigh….

In what has been an epically craptastic year, I have to say this is really freaking cool. Thank you to all my readers. Your support and encouragement makes what can sometimes be a  lonely job into something meaningful and ultimately very special.  I appreciate you. <3

I’m off to San Francisco to visit my son today (and do a little research on my new series 😉 ), but as promised, I’ll be posting part 1 of my Better Than short story very soon. I’m hoping to have it up by Friday and no later than Sunday. Thank you for your patience. This is a crazy time of year!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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