Leaning Into Love is Available Now on Amazon KU!!

leaningintolove-1800x2700It’s live! Woohoo! This is kind of exciting! Leaning Into Love is my first attempt self-pub. I haven’t begun a series with a short story before but I like the idea of getting a quick overall before really becoming immersed in the character’s lives. My guys from San Francisco are college buddies. The series begins with a “friends to lovers” story with Eric and Zane. The story was originally included in the It Was Always You anthology. The re-release version features bonus material (an additional 3k words 😉 ). *Btw, the picture below is where Zane’s boat is docked in real life. 🙂img_6265For all those wondering about book 2… Leaning Into the Fall belongs to Nick. It should be available in mid-March in all formats (including paperback) and at all the usual online storefronts. And yes, it’s a full-length novel.

Did I mention I’m Author of the Month at My Fiction Nook in February? Today’s entry is all about my Better Than series. Check it out here. I’m hoping to have Part 7 of Better Than Engagement up this weekend before my mother arrives!

Happy Reading!
Lane xo


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