Author of the Month at My Fiction Nook & A Kind of Home Teaser Excerpt!

A huge thank you to Sandra and her team at My Fiction Nook! I’m honored to be their Author of the Month. Each week, they’re highlighting one of my series and this week it’s A Kind of Stories. So I thought it might be “kinda” fun to share a premier excerpt from book 4, A Kind of Home, which will be out in June. It’s a little early but I’m currently in edits and I’m falling for Adam and Isaac all over again. LOL. I just have to share!

Please be sure to stop by My Fiction Nook to say hello!  I posted Better Than Engagement, part 7 on Valentine’s Day. In cased you missed it, check it out here.

Without further adieu, here you go…

A Kind of Home
by Lane Hayes (Coming in June 2017)

“I just— we’re both adjusting to change. It might be helpful to lean on each other. That’s all.”


“Sure. Boston cream pie for a tip or two on how to play a couple Guns N’ Roses classics. What do you think?”

I lowered my eyes as I worked on the row of buttons on my navy shirt. I was touched. I couldn’t remember the last time someone stopped to notice my state of mental well-being and offered to ease my mind. I knew my friends cared but they were going through the same things I was. All they could say was “Hang on. It’ll get easier.”. Adam was offering something more…himself and his time. Platonically. I wasn’t sure I trusted myself to keep us in the friend zone. Even now I wanted to tackle him to the bed and grind against him. He was solid, familiar and trustworthy. Just what I needed to keep my mind off my troubles.

“Okay. You’re on.” I chuckled when he let out a whoop before I continued. “But we each get to choose what we want to learn.”

Adam mulled over my suggestion for a moment then inclined his head. “As long as you know we aren’t making anything from a box.”

“And as long as you know I can only take so many run-throughs of “Sweet Child of Mine” before I’ll strangle you.”

Adam gave me a mega-watt grin and then held up his hand for a high-five. I slapped his hand and then rolled my eyes when he broke into a decent impression of Axel Rose’s version of “Patience”.

“Out,” I said, shooing him out of my bedroom. “I’ve got real life bullshit to deal with. No more nonsense.”

“A little nonsense is good for you, Isaac. It’s what keeps you afloat so the bad stuff doesn’t drag you under.” He reached for my wrist and pulled me against him so our chests collided.

It was a slapstick maneuver that was too rough to be taken as a sensual overture. Until he backed me against the wall and lowered his head a fraction of an inch, stopping when his nose brushed mine. I held my breath, aware of my thundering heart. My world constricted to the smallest fragment of space where I occupied a place against a wall, covered by a man I’d known most of my life. Someone I cared about and yeah… secretly lusted after too.

Adam lowered his head again and this time he didn’t stop. He pressed his lips to mine and went perfectly still as though testing my response. When I didn’t protest, he melded his mouth over mine, careful to keep the connection light. I reached out and ran a tentative hand along his cheek. Adam trembled and leaned into my touch, deepening the kiss ever so slightly. Then he licked my lips in a silent request for entry. I groaned when our tongues glided sensuously and let him pull me under.

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