7 Days and Counting till Leaning Into the Fall is Here!

It feels like the longest wait, but we’re finally nearing release day for Leaning Into the Fall. It will be available on March 15 on Amazon (and fingers crossed) Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble on ebook as well as paperback. This is my first full-length self-pub novel and while I’m absolutely thrilled, I have to admit this feels like one of those epic “firsts”…exciting but scary too. LOL.LeaningIntoTheFall-teaser800x600 I can’t wait to introduce readers to Nick and Wes! I love that Nick has generated a few raised brows for those who remember him as Eric’s best friend and former lover in Leaning Into Love . The author in me loves revealing characters layer by layer. No one is as they seem when you first meet them and let’s face it, a short story usually leaves you wanting a teensy bit more information. As we get closer to release day, I’ll share a little more about Nick, who was in part based on my eldest son. He’s a quirky personality who sometimes struggles identifying social cues. There are a couple stories in the book that are RL top ten family lore. Some things you just can’t make up! 🙂

Parts 9 and 10 of Better Than Engagement will be up very soon. I’m hoping to have part 9 up before the weekend and the final installment posted before the 15th. Be sure to check in!

Also, I am honored to be Author of the Month at Bayou Book Junkie! There are some great giveaways all month. Today’s spotlight is on a fan favorite, Better Than Friends. Jack…sigh. I love a good May/December romance. Did I mention Leaning Into the Fall is a May/December too? 😉

Happy Reading!   Lane xo

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2 thoughts on “7 Days and Counting till Leaning Into the Fall is Here!

  1. Morning Lane. I just wanted to tell You how much Iove you posts and this one is no different. I’m so excited About Leaning into the Fall, can’t wait and I love that it’s based abit on your son❤️. I’ve read Leaning into love in the anthology book, if course😄) I’ve so bought and do a re read. Love your work and thank you!! Have a fabulous day Lane!!❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you Patty! I have to say, the story isn’t based on my son but Nick has a few things in common with him for sure. Looking forward to sharing Nick’s story with you! <3

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