2 More Days til Leaning Into the Fall Release Day! and Better Than Engagement Update…

leaningintothefall-fbad3-1200x628-2Two days and counting until Leaning Into the Fall is here!! The self-publishling portion has been a bit overwhelming for a newbie, but it looks like it the book will ready to go on schedule on March 15. *fingers and toes crossed. I’ll post the purchase links as soon as they’re available. This title will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, etc. And yes, paperback too.

I’m looking forward to giving everyone a glimpse into the secret mind of the “perfectly imperfect” Nick. He knows he’s odd, but he doesn’t know how to be anyone else. Frankly, I kind of love that about him. I’ve mentioned in other posts that he shares a few of my oldest son’s attributes. In fact, a couple of the stories in the book are real life tales. I was reminding my husband of one of them yesterday and we literally laughed until we cried. There are a million of them but one of my favorites is the brie story. And because you’ve all been so patient about the wait on this book, I’m going to share the “real” story now. Read on…

My son is very friendly but he was always a little awkward with kids his age. Less so now that he’s almost 23, but as a newly-out-of-the-closet freshman in college, he struggled to make connections. He was invited to a party and the person who’d invited him told him it was BYOB. He didn’t know what it meant and must have looked it cause the boy said “I heard you like French beer or maybe German beer. Bring that.” In my son’s head, he heard “bring the brie”, so he did. He showed up at his first college party with a finely wrapped chunk of French brie cheese. Seriously. I couldn’t make that up if I tried. LOL.

Once you read Nick’s story, you may begin to see the similarities. The man is brilliant and yet…a tad confused at times. Ha!

**Update on Better Than Engagement… Part 9 will be released later today or first thing tomorrow morning. However, the final installment won’t be posted until next week. Between a new release and edits on A Kind of Home, there simply have not been enough hours in the day. Thank you for your patience and just know…it’s coming very soon!

Two days…Happy Reading!  Lane xo

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