Repeat Request for Parts 7 & 8 Better Than Engagement and Memories of Mack…

Better Than Engagement, part 10 will be posted by Friday this week! Woohoo!  I’ve had a request to post parts 7 & 8 so I’m going to do that here now, but I will be posting all parts as one this weekend to make for easier reading. I know there are a few people who wanted to wait until the story was complete to get started. The wait is almost over! LOL

BTE, part 7 & BTE, part 8 (NSFW)

IMG_3812I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m Author of the Month at Bayou Book Junkie. It’s been fun to revisit some of my favorite characters and get a glimpse at what the reviewers thought of them. Today’s choked me up. It’s on The Wrong Man, which features Mack the 12 year old Lab who was based on my beautiful dog. We lost our Mack nine months ago and not a day goes by that we don’t think about him or tell a funny story about some of the mischievous things he got into. He was my first fur baby and I didn’t have a clue about what to expect. I’d thought we were just getting a pet… no big deal. I didn’t realize we were inviting a new family member into our home. I didn’t know how integral he would become in our daily lives. And I never thought I’d miss quite so much. Thank you Tracy, Mari and Jaymie for posting this lovely review from one of my own personal favorites and including a few lines about our boy. You’ve brought tears to my eyes. <3

The Leaning Into the Fall Blog tour will continue tomorrow with exclusive excerpts, interviews and posts. This link to Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words wasn’t working the other day, so I’m going to include it now. Click here for another exclusive teaser! And be sure to tune in for more tour stop information in the morning!

Happy Reading and Happy 1st Day of Spring!  Lane xo

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