Leaning Into the Fall Blog Tour Stops & a Prayer for London…

IMG_2447There are three stops on the Leaning Into the Fall blog tour, including a post about Napa Valley wine country where part of the story is located and a deleted scene from the book. A deleted what? Yep. It’s a sad truth that not every scene makes the final cut. It especially hurts the author to hit delete when the dialogue is fun and the words roll easily. But ultimately, if it doesn’t drive the story, the scene is fluff. LOL *Btw, the photo above was taken in Napa. 😉

3/23 Prism Book Alliance (Napa post)
3/23 Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews (*Deleted Scene)
3/23 BFD Book Blog

A huge thanks to everyone who’s stopped by the tour and signed up for the Rafflecopter giveaway. And a ginormous thank you to those who’ve taken the time to let me know they’ve enjoyed Nick and Wes’s story. You’ve inspired me to write the Eric and Zane shorts I talked about in a recent post. Personally, I love getting “fluffy” glimpses into established characters’ lives. Trips to the laundry mat or fighting over who left the cap off the toothpaste? Sign me up! My goal is to have a EZ short out this summer before book #3 in the series is out. 🙂

On a serious note, my thoughts and prayers are with London. I was devastated to hear about the terror attack yesterday. The senseless crimes against innocent people are counterintuitive. Hate breeds hate. It cures nothing and is a breeding ground for fear. I love that this meme was released almost immediately following the attack. It evokes a powerful message to mourn and pray but never to bend to terror. #We are not afraid. #prayforLondon

Much love, Lane xo

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